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Two Wheel View Whistleblower Form

Please provide as much detail as possible.  If you wish to remain anonymous, do not include your relationship to persons identified in your report.


  1. Please describe the nature of your concern regarding a financial matter, an operational matter or a matter respecting the personal conduct of a TWV stakeholder.  Include sufficient information to enable an independent person to understand the concern and to conduct further investigation.

  2. Please state the full name(s) and title(s) of the individual(s) whom you suspect of wrongdoing.

  3. How many times has this conduct taken place? (if applicable)

  4. How long has this conduct been taking place? (if applicable)

  5. Would you be willing to provide your name and contact information? (optional)

  6. Would you like to arrange a meeting or phone call with an Investigating Officer to discuss this matter? (if preferred, this can be done via an anonymous phone call or zoom session).

Your message will be forwarded to our Board Chair, David White and Vice-Chair, Heather Johnson. Should the Whistleblower determine that it is not appropriate to report the Whistleblower Incident to the above referenced Chairs, the Whistleblower may report the incident to TWV’s Executive Director, who will notify the appropriate directors to form an ad hoc Investigations Committee.

Please know that we take all reports seriously and will respond and address the situation in a timely manner. 

Thank you for sharing your concerns. 

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