Program Goal

Engage and empower youth grades 7-12, using the bicycle to foster change, leadership and teamwork.

Intended Outcomes

Using social-emotional-learning principles, Earn-a-Bike aims to:

  • Cultivate a space where youth feel confident, seen and heard
  • Empower youth of all identities to see themselves on a bicycle
  • Foster equity and inclusion while challenging gender norms
  • Remove barriers for youth excited about cycling
  • Build resilience through community connection and mentorship

Things we’re learning

  • In addition to helping youth stay physically active, earned bikes help youth get to school, work, or even away from unsafe spaces.
  • For many youth, the opportunity to learn hands-on builds confidence and teaches life-long skills in a safe, encouraging space.
  • By fostering diversity, Earn-a-Bike empowers youth of all identities to see themselves on a bicycle, regardless of sex, race or expression.
  • For many participants, the bicycle they receive at graduation becomes a symbol for the hard physical, emotional and social work they’ve undertaken, and the growth they’ve achieved through this program.
  • By encouraging teamwork and collaboration, Earn-a-Bike creates a space where youth celebrate each other’s achievements, and create bonds that last far beyond graduation.

Inclusion Statement

We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in our organization and programs, celebrating all identities, and continuously learning to be better allies. TWV believes in fostering a community that respects individual identities and supports participants living authentically.

Impact Stories
My Story in GAP

May 11, 2023

I started GAP in late February and in the beginning of the program I was very shy and didn’t talk very much but with each week and getting to know the staff, my confidence grew more and more with each day of GAP.

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Program Impact


of participants feel they got to know their Bike Club facilitators


of participants report feeling more confident fixing things on their own


of participants reported feeling better about themselves

I'm so grateful for the GEM program and the safer space it creates for gender expansive folx. Instead of entering the shop and finding gender dysphoria, I found a sense of familiarity and comfort in working with my hands and the euphoria of being able to do it as my authentic self.

GEM Participant

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This program would not be possible without the support of our partners.

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