Rach Kolodychuk (She/They)

Earn-a-Bike Program Coordinator

Rach was born and raised in Calgary, with a love for the outdoors that stemmed from the desire to chase the sun. They can be found sitting along the river or backpacking through mountain passes and giggling along the way, always with the best of snacks. Her love of bicycles fluctuated over the years but they found independence on a steel 10 speed and love for the old steel frames. Cycling through the city and beyond helps her feel more connected to the environment, cityscape, and people around her. As Two Wheel View found its way into their life in 2017 while completing a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, a blossoming bike nerd was born. Starting as an Earn-a-Bike facilitator, and after completing a number of internships with TWV, she now sits as the Community Programs Coordinator.

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Intentional community building should not be overlooked. When we come together, we talk through our insecurities, our uncertainties and share stories to help us better understand each other and the world we live in.

TWV Team Member

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