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May 11, 2023

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I started GAP in late February and in the beginning of the program I was very shy and didn’t talk very much but with each week and getting to know the staff, my confidence grew more and more with each day of GAP. The GAP program and all the other staff at Two Wheel View showed me that I am allowed to be myself while doing my job!

The confidence in myself has grown so much that at the end of GAP, when we were offered a possible job at TWV, I jumped at the opportunity and gave it my best shot, and with that confidence in myself, they gave me the job!! I now work upfront in the social enterprise and it has been the best experience I could ever had imagined. Talking to customers is still a bit hard sometimes but each time someone comes in, I’m ready to help them to the best of my ability and if I need help, I know it’s okay to ask and I don’t have to be afraid.

Thank you to all the members of the Two Wheel View staff because you have all helped me become more confident and not afraid! Thank you to the GAP Program because it not only helped me with skills in my work life but also I made so many friends because of GAP and memories I will never forget!


From TWV: It has been such a joy to have Rae as a part of our team and see how she has grown and gained confidence during our time with us in the GAP program and beyond. We are honoured to have her as one of our Canada Summer Jobs students this year.

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Intentional community building should not be overlooked. When we come together, we talk through our insecurities, our uncertainties and share stories to help us better understand each other and the world we live in.

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