Heather Johnson

Vice Chair

Heather is the Director of Recreation & Social Programs for The City of Calgary. But Heather has always been involved in working with youth - Camp Counsellor, Science camps, a science centre in Ontario and a science festival in the UK led to an Education degree and a career as a high school math teacher. Heather is a passionate cyclist - particularly mountain biking but can also be found on her road bike and (not frequently enough) commuting. Two Wheel View brings together two things important to Heather- providing youth with the opportunities and support they need to be successful and the joy and empowerment of biking. Heather and her wife Lindsay enjoy getting away to the mountains to bike and spend time with friends.

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Intentional community building should not be overlooked. When we come together, we talk through our insecurities, our uncertainties and share stories to help us better understand each other and the world we live in.

TWV Team Member

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