Dr. Jon Kolb

Board Member

Jon earned his Doctorate at the German Sport University Cologne, Germany. As a professor at the University of Calgary for 30 years, his teachings included sport exercise physiology, human growth and development, along with a variety of activity courses including gymnastics, bicycle touring, back-country hiking and cross country skiing.  His research interests include altitude training, heat and cold acclimatization as well as clinical applications associated with reduced oxygen levels.

Following his university career, Jon provided leadership, expertise and assistance to Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic summer and winter sports in the creation, implementation and assessment of their individualized sport science and medicine programs.  In addition, Jon also developed Canada’s first high performance sport research opportunity through Own The Podium’s “Innovation 4 Gold” program. For Jon,  the focus has always been on developing his own skills in order to provide positive opportunities for learners of all ages to recognize and achieve their own personal goals.

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