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Getting Started Winter Riding

An Online Introduction to Winter Riding

This online program is facilitated by an experienced TWV facilitator and seasoned winter cyclist. It's perfect for schools and groups who want to introduce their communities to winter cycling in an encouraging, fun and interactive way.


Thank you to Ever Active Schools for their encouragement and support in developing this presentation. 

A Brief Presentation Outline

*Please note that this outline includes a panel discussion with members of your community who already ride their bikes in the winter. It's our goal to connect those who are curious about winter cycling with those in their own community who already do it if we can. 


Part 1

Winter riding presentation. Information presented to begin to answer the questions:

Who should ride in winter?

Where should you ride?

What should you ride?

What should you wear?

When should you ride or when should you stop riding?

Why do people ride in winter, what motivates them?


Part 2

A panel discussion focussing on why members ride in winter and what motivates them to keep riding in winter.


Part 3

A question and answer session with the attendees.


Photo Credit: ColdBike



Program Cost: $140

Program Length: Approximately 90 mins

Availability: Varies. Please email to book this program for your group. 

This fee for service program supports Two Wheel View's mission of changing lives from the seat of a bike. 

Photo credit: Denise Jans, Unsplash

Looking for more winter cycling resources? Check out our blog post here! 

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