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The TWV Story

WE VALUE:   Community.  Resilience.  Respect.  Authenticity.  Adventure

Two Wheel View (TWV) is a mission driven organization that creates opportunities for young people to learn and practice lessons in leadership, health and wellness, self esteem, achievement, and environmental stewardship through their participation in bicycle education programs and bike trips.


Rick and Tanya McFerrin founded TWV in 2000 after a two-year bicycle expedition around the world. Their experiences and perspectives on the world, as seen from the seat of a bike, created the basis for TWV. The bicycle becomes a potent tool for delivering our future leaders to locations where social, cultural, and environmental differences may become fascinating contrasts, and at the same time allowing youth to participate on a personal level with peers and communities perhaps surprisingly similar to their own back home. 

High-quality, out-of-school programs have long been identified by researchers as important for the positive development of youth. TWV programs support youth in the critical hours outside of school when young people are less likely to be supervised and have the potential for making poor decisions that can result in accident, injury or crime. TWV programs increase youth resiliency and lessen risk factors of students through cognitive development, social competence, and emotional and physical wellbeing; thus increasing their likelihood of future success.

TWV believes that all youth should have the opportunity to expand their physical and cultural boundaries. There are many youth that are never exposed to what may provide the greatest source of learning - real life experiences that bring home valuable insights and logical steps for positive change. TWV provides the opportunity for youth to learn about the environmental and community resources at home and abroad and to experience the rich diversity of our global community.

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