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Molli and the neons


"What I like about Bike Club is all the excitement [the students] have every week about bike club and now how exciting it will be for [them] to ride [their] bikes in the neighbourhood and the pathways. Thank you bike club for coming into our school." 

- Teacher

“If you're offered an opportunity [like Two Wheel View] you should go on it. Don't be scared. It will be fun, and you'll learn a lot!”


- Argentina Trip Participant

“I'm thinking to myself, I can't do it, I can't and then I'm like yes, yes I can!”


- Maah Daah Hey Trip Participant

"I have to say, we are so lucky to have this opportunity to get together for these 8 Tuesdays to have fun and. . . most importantly to learn, probably something you wouldn’t learn otherwise." 

- Bike Club Participant

“There's no words to describe how fun it was.”

- Argentina Trip Participant

“You get to meet new people you don’t usually speak to or hang out with. You get to have lots of fun and use new tools and fix bikes.”

- Bike Club Participant

"I got to learn about a lot of things like how to fix wheels, fix brakes and get dirty (which was the most fun). It added on to my knowledge and helped me make friends that stayed with me through the year. But most of all it made me a better person.”


- Bike Club Participant

“My confidence has gone up so I'm not picked on as much at school.” 


- Norway Trip Participant

"I love Bike Club. I love how we learn about bikes and I’m going to miss you. I might just break my bike so I can come back next year." 


- Bike Club Participant

"When the departure date arrived [my daughter] was pumped. Through the challenging experiences she had during that trip she became a stronger, more confident, more secure person.  She came back home with a more positive attitude about everything, especially about herself.”



- Parent of Trip Participant

“The trip taught me that even though it feels like I just can't do anything, that sooner or later I will succeed. Now I make better life choices.”  


- Norway Trip Participant

"My best part was breaking bikes and putting the chain on and fixing the tire and getting my hands dirty." 


- Bike Club Participant

"The SVP investment committee was very impressed with the venturous spirit of Two Wheel View. We were excited by the unique programs and loved the idea of working with an organization that sought our support as a dynamic partnership for continued growth." 

- Pam Rinehart, SVP (TWV Partner)

"What I like about bike club is that everyone in this room is getting a bike and we’re all friends here. . . we do fun stuff like make bikes and fix bikes." 

- Bike Club Participant

“We were out in the fresh air. We got to see everything up close.”


- Argentina Trip Participant

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