Spokes-person Profile- Rachel Kolodychuk

Hello! My name is Rach (Rachel) and I have been involved with Two Wheel View for about 3 years now, as both an intern and a EAB Bike Club Facilitator. I love TWV and I really love bikes.

Biking makes me feel:

Connected to the places I ride and the people I am with. I feel empowered using my own legs to get me where I want to be,

I enjoy knowing that biking is something I can always do to feel at ease and have a TON of fun.

Biking has given me:

A continual sense of freedom, fun, and hope for a positive future. My bike has always given me something to do, something to tinker with and make as my own. Biking has given me unimaginable good times with friends and helped to foster a community I feel so infinitely grateful to be a part of.

What are some barriers (perceived or actual) that you’ve faced entering this community? How did you overcome them?

Bikes are/ can be EXPENSIVE and confusing to understand, often you have to have time to maintain a bicycle, or pay someone to do so for you ($$). I have been fortunate enough to have time to nerd out about bikes plenty so I can generally fix things myself. Youtube (Parktool videos in particular) have saved me countless times, buying used bikes/parts can save cash, and having the will to try to fix something yourself will go a long way.

What is your most memorable biking trip/story?

I recently had my bike that I built this year stolen (but there's a happy ending just wait), it has been my go-to ride all summer and just a crazy amount of fun. Someone cut my lock when I went into the grocery store to get snacks for the night. I was heartbroken and suffering a loss of my best bud. I posted all over the internet and was hoping someone would spot it before it was parted, sold, or in other ways destroyed. LUCKILY 2 days after it was stolen, my bike was returned unlocked to the SAME rack it was stolen off of, either someone had a wave of compassion or they hated the one gear and one break on my bike. It was recognized right away and I was messaged on Facebook to pick it up. Would love to know where that bike has been, wish they could tell stories.

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