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My name is Lindsay Bliek and I love to ride my bike, always have. I still remember the day I learned to ride: my mom said she’d hold on and when I turned around at the end of the only flat stretch in our neighbourhood, she wasn’t there! I used to just ride for fun, but more often than not I now ride for function, and find it way more enjoyable than driving so it is an easy choice for me to hop on my bike, even with my two kids as cargo. Biking has given me a sense of independence and strength; I worked and saved up to buy my first mountain bike when I was thirteen, which was immensely satisfying (both the transaction and getting to ride with my friends); and, as a parent, cargo biking gave me those same feelings all over again, slowly releasing me from the time- and money-sucking grasps of our car (and it literally put the strength back in my legs). Biking with young kids revealed a new level of situational awareness which, in turn, drew me into the local biking community for which I am grateful as I feel as though it has enabled me to help advocate and highlight family cycling as both a possibility and a reality, even in a city perceived to be very car-centric. I am forever hopeful that my presence as a woman, usually biking with two young girls in tow or beside me, helps to normalize, encourage, and inspire other families (but especially women) to join the biking community, at first for fun but eventually for function, too. So, if you’re reading this and thinking about getting into biking as a way to move about your city: go for it.

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