#Spokes-person Profile- Kayla Bonham

Hi I'm Kayla Bonham, an avid bicycling woman, putting the trans in transportation for more than 50 years! I'm a mostly self-taught rider and mechanic, at least until joining EVCC, COC, Spin Sisters bike clubs and upgrading my skills to the next level! After learning how to REALLY do mountain biking, I tried racing and then had fun assistant-coaching with Dirt Series. I co-developed a 'Learn-to-Race' program with Spin Sisters to de-mystify and reassure novice bike racers to give it a try! I volunteered and then was hired by the former Good Life Community Bike Shop to fix bikes and help others learn to fix bikes. We had a highly successful (and somewhat notorious) women, trans and queer-friendly empowerment mechanyx program we called GEM! I've been working with Two Wheel View for just over 8 years delivering youth Earn-A-Bike programs and co-leading multi-day bike trips, loving every second of it!

Why do you ride?

I ride bikes for the fun of it, for practical transportation, health & fitness, for the challenge, friendship, solidarity with others, a cleaner environment, lower cost, easier mobility on and around congested city streets, for my childrens' future, very often all of the above at the same time!

What’s your best riding tip?

Be open to enjoy ALL the variety of weather: sunshine, warm and cool temperatures, wind or calm, mist, soft snow, tiny ice crystals - embrace the seasons!

Biking has given me:

Peace, calm, centredness, a sense of connection to the universe, strength, health, bliss

What is a piece of wisdom you want to pass on to younger riders, or young people who want to ride?

Set yourself a goal of doing something audacious that most people might only think could be done by car, then do it by bike! You'll be amazed and proud of your own powers!

What brought you into the biking community?

Mom & Dad didn't drive us; the only ways to get around as a kid were to walk, bike or take the bus. I learned I could bike pretty much everywhere, even across the city!

What is your most memorable biking trip/story?

So many great ones! Riding/camping our way to Vancouver on basic 10-speed road bikes. Riding with my kids going quite amazing distances. Commuting all through the winters. Being on a 24h race team. Helping put on the 3-day Golden Triangle event. Coaching new mountain bikers. Coaching new XC racers! Teaching new bike mechanics. Learning to build trails. Fat-biking on sunny winter days. Building and truing wheels for my own bikes.

What are three words that tell your biking story?

Keep On Pedalling!

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