#Spokes-person Profile- Sarah Hornby

My name is Sarah. I've ridden casually for several years but more recently, I've fallen in love with bikepacking. I spent much of my spare time last year exploring a multitude of routes throughout the Canadian Rockies of Alberta and BC. I also enjoy gravel riding and mountain biking, which constantly challenges and pushes my limits.

Why do you ride? I ride for adventure. Fun! Freedom. Independence. To feel empowered. To challenge myself. For a sense of accomplishment. To be one less car on the road. Whether it's just a short commute to the store or a multi-day bikepacking trip, I can find most of these great feelings any time I hop on my bike. Biking makes me feel

Connected, to myself, others, and the world around me. It gives me space to clear my mind and my heart and helps me feel grounded, present, and aware of myself. Riding also makes me feel connected to those I ride with and the community of awesome people who also enjoy adventures on two wheels. No matter how well I know someone off the bike, as soon as we ride together, there is an instant bond that forms over the shared journey. Lastly, riding makes me feel connected to the world around me, like I am an active participant in the landscapes I travel through, the nature and wildlife I observe, and the weather I embrace or endure. Biking has given me

Opportunity. Each time I learn a new skill on the bike, venture into wilder places, or travel further than before, my horizons expand and new opportunities become available to me. Perhaps that means being able to ride new trails that I once deemed too difficult or having the confidence to dream bigger about where my bike can take me. Each time I test myself, I grow, and so too do my opportunities for adventure.

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