#Spokes-person Profile- Brett Bergie

October 8, 2020

What’s your best riding tip?


Bicycling is inherently social. You will spend lots of time over many kilometres pedalling alone -- sometimes in tough conditions. As often as you can, say yes to shared bicycling experiences and play an active part in forming community.


What is a piece of wisdom you want to pass on to younger riders, or young people who want to ride?


I have learned is that people develop a growth mentality on their bicycles. We all set goals for ourselves, and as we discover the ease and joy of bicycling, we soon discover that we are doing things we did not imagine at the outset. Embrace that growth. 


What are some barriers (perceived or actual) that you’ve faced entering this community? How did you overcome them?


There's a lot of elitism in bicycling. Are you riding the right bicycle with the lightest components? I try to foster and model an attitude of embracing of the bicycle you have. I ride a folding bicycle, and since I purchased it, my bicycling interests have evolved, yet my bicycle has not. I use it for transport, long-distance rides, grocery shopping, work travel, and bike packing. Doing unconventional things with my bicycle doesn't leave me in want of a different bike; rather they reinvigorate my enthusiasm for the one I have.


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