#Spokes-person Profile- Heather Johnson

My name is Heather and I’m on the Board of Two Wheel View. I'm a proud member of the LGBTQ community and I love to ride mountain bikes and road bikes. One of my favourite things when biking is to see a group of young girls out trying this amazing sport and I look forward to the day they leave me in their dust!

What’s your best riding tip?

Look ahead, and let it roll! No matter what situation you are in on a bike(or in life) it almost always turns out better if you look further ahead of you, stop focusing on your front wheel, relax a bit, stay balanced and let the bike do its job. The obstacles get smaller or disappear and suddenly you’re past them and on to the next adventure.

What is a piece of wisdom you want to pass on to younger riders, or young people who want to ride?

“It’s all relative” You will always see people who are faster than you, who can ride terrain you can’t ride (yet), who have a nicer bike than you, and so on. But it’s all relative, there’s someone looking at you thinking exactly the same thing.

What is your most memorable biking trip/story?

I have been fortunate to ride on three continents- the world's highest mountains, famous desert towns and world class trail networks. But at the

end of the day that rarely matters. What stands out for me is always having fun with friends (new or old), enjoying beautiful scenery, learning new skills and lots of laughs over local beer.

What are three words that tell your biking story?

Nature. Friends. Exercise.

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