A look back at 2018

We’re back in the office after a nice long break and with the change of seasons that brings longer days and more daylight hours, we can’t help but reflect on some of our favourite memories and achievements from the past year. While our full impact report will be out soon with details of our numerical impact, there are some achievements that you can’t measure by numbers. The moments that change us and the memories we make will always be what inspire us most.

Here are some of the favourite memories from our team in 2018:

  • It's all the little things, the feeling of community that surrounds you when you walk into TWV HQ, the hilarious and insightful things that we hear from our kiddos as they learn about bikes and discover confidence in themselves, the process of chaos on day one of a trip and watching the team become a competent and effective group, brainstorming with passionate people and coming up with big dreams (and better yet, making many of them come true!). I am grateful to say that in working with TWV in 2018, my memory is flooded with favorites.

  • Leading Badlands to Banff bike trip with Molli and McKenzie. As well as creating a full & successful Beltline Bike Club!

  • On the daily, it would be the overwhelming amount of parts and bikes that come through the door through donations. Nowhere else do you get the pleasure of seeing such a plethora of treasures crammed into one space!

  • My favorite moment in 2018 was getting to know a group of grade 9s from Morley while biking the Bow Valley. We watched youth grow from dismounting their bikes every time there was a small rise in the road, to encouraging each other up hills and setting goals for how far they could push themselves. The time that a 5-day trip affords us to connect and play is so worthwhile. The stories of these kids’ lives comes to the surface and we are impacted as facilitators, as much or more than these youths.

  • There was one child who attended one of the Earn-a-Bike programs I was facilitating, who came to program from the hospital. She had been hospitalized for mental health reasons and when offered an outing, she chose to come to our program over anything else.

  • Coming into our shop and seeing it filled with youth or volunteers. Knowing that people are finding a sense a belonging, a community here means that we are doing something right!

  • Having the youth that graduated from Beltline Bike Club hang out with us all summer.

We are also particularly proud of some major accomplishments we made this year:

  • We extended the Earn-a-Bike program to 10 weeks to deepen relationships and skill building with youth.

  • We started selling used bikes and getting a greater number of people cycling in Calgary through affordable means.

  • We worked on building a larger community through events and volunteering, which has lead to a greater reach throughout Calgary with more awareness of who we are and what we do.

  • We've had a tremendous year in fundraising.

  • We've seen great growth in our programs and development of our staff in their roles.

  • We have had participants tell us they would come to TWV every day if they could and that our programs have encouraged them to dream, create and do.

The truth is, it's hard to choose just one great success! Each of us has countless stories about moments big and small that have impacted who we are and led to achievements for the organization. We think it says something that our programs have been so well received that we have more possible locations to go to than resources to serve those locations. Our hope is that this next year will be even bigger and better for the Two Wheel View community.

Roll on 2019!

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