Our favourite stories: Examples of resilience shared by the TWV Team

Everything we do at Two Wheel View is to support young people – to help them develop the skills, knowledge and tools they need to successfully navigate the world around them, now and into the future. Developing resilience isn’t easy but seeing the impact we’ve had on youth in our community continues to inspire and motivate us. Here are some of our favourite examples of resilience:

I am remembering a moment on a trip with youth this summer, with a youth that had been having a troubling time at home. He had the opportunity to escape some of these feelings of stress and anxiety at home while he was on trip and away from cell service. Then finally the evening before we biked back to his community he gained access to his phone and the weight of what was going on at home got to him. He was visibly upset and I spent some time chatting with him and got to understand the significance of the things that were making him upset. Then with great strength he picked himself up and was able to enjoy the trip, play and laugh and bond with the rest of the group, and finish the ride strong. This was one of many stories I got to experience of great resilience shown by the youth we work with at TWV.

~ Becky Giammarino, Trips and Indigenous Programs Coordinator

In one of our programs we finished our Earn-a-Bike program with a bike trip. One of the students was struggling with his bike gears and getting quite frustrated on hills. Though he struggled to memorize which way to shift when approaching a hill, he became quite confident in his ability to climb hills or zip across the flats in whatever gear he was in. Due to his growing experience he no longer complained but trusted in his ability.

~Thom Hoff, Shop Coordinator

Five people riding bikes in the desert

A couple of years ago we had a young woman in our Bike Club who completed the program and earned her bike. After receiving the bicycle, she admitted that she didn't know how to ride a bike. I had the privilege of being with her as she jumped on, fell off over and over. What amazed me about this young lady was the trust she had in me to help her and her own resilience to keep on going despite the challenge of learning to ride for the first time. She just wouldn't give up. I feel that our program played a huge role in building her resilience because we took the time and built the trust with her and her fellow Bike Club members. Building resilience is more than just giving kids a bicycle and sending them on their way. It takes compassion, commitment, understanding, authenticity, respect, passion and most of all, time.

~ Laura Istead, Executive Director

I had the privilege of working with a young man in a Bike Club who was very excited about bikes. His teacher told us that he was not very engaged in his school community but was very excited about Bike Club. He was given the opportunity to go on a bike trip with us that I was not a part of. Ever since that bike trip has ended he has been traveling across the city by train and bike to volunteer with us and stay engaged in the community. He expressed apathy towards the future after graduation. Since becoming engaged with Two Wheel View he has begun expressing interest in staying involved with bikes and maybe even working at Two Wheel View someday!

~Molli Bennett, Community Programs Coordinator

Three youth from one of our bike trips had struggles during the trip; one physical, one in maturity and scope of experience, and one emotional. Each overcame obstacles, enjoyed the experience, and were noted to be more resilient as the trip progressed.

~Tom Naested, Business Operations Director

Three young kids wearing brightly coloured clothes riding bikes

Working for TWV, each of us has had the opportunity to impact the life of at least one child in a positive way, but as you can see, the young people aren’t the only ones whose lives are changing. Every time we work with youth, we are impressed by their enthusiasm, their courage and their natural resilience. We are happy to be a part of their journey, because as they learn and grow, so do we.

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