TWV Champion Profile: Shasta Webb

Meet Shasta Webb a TWV event fundraiser, and volunteer for mechanic nights, as well as a trip leader for the 2017 trip from the Badlands to Banff.

Origin: Originally from Santa Cruz, California and living in Alberta since 2016

When not at TWV, I can often be found… Riding my bike! I try to commute year-round in Calgary. I also mountain bike or ride my cyclocross bike when the trails in Kananaskis are clear. I also like bike-packing, so I try to fit in multiple short trips in the Rockies throughout the summer. Aside from biking, I spend much of my time at the University of Calgary, where I am working toward a PhD in primate studies.

What do you like about volunteering/ being a champion at TWV: Two Wheel View represents a perfect fusion of my passions and my values. I am an advocate for community service at any level, but I am especially enthusiastic about community service roles that unite what I love with what I stand for. Riding and fixing bikes while simultaneously spending time with youth—both teaching and learning from them—has been a very meaningful component of my time in Calgary. I also find that the full-time folks at TWV are very value-driven, which inspires me each time I attend a TWV training or event.

If someone was considering volunteering at TWV what would be a few selling points you would give them? I like that TWV has a distinct style of leadership that is open, committed to positivity, and flexible. While I was undergoing leader training, I found that TWV veterans often discussed that problems or issue can have multiple solutions. I feel like TWV provided me with the tools to be an effective youth leader, but also gave me the chance to be myself. TWV stands behind their goals and values, which makes for an enriching experience as a volunteer.

Favourite travel destination: The Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

Specifically, Port Townsend, Washington.

What is your best bike trip: My best bike tip has to do with self-confidence. Biking can be a great way to build self-confidence, but it can also introduce scary or difficult situations. On every ride, I try to strike a balance between letting myself feel confident while also pushing myself to the next level. My tip is for everyone to test their limits, but also allow for a little self-pride each time they ride.

Who was your role model growing up? Rather than having a single role model, I often looked to lots of different people for sources of inspiration. My grandma was very creative and independent, my mom is very generous, my dad is very forgiving, my sister is very thoughtful, and my partner is very adventurous.

An item I never forget on a bike trip is… HEADLAMP! I take a head lamp on every ride, regardless of what time of day I leave.

TWV should plan a bike trip to… The American Southwest! The landscape near the Four Corner region of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah is indescribable. There is a lot of interesting indigenous history in the area, a lot of opportunities for understanding delicate ecosystems, and a lot of recent history about land-use.

If a kid walked up asking for your life advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be? Participate! Participate in your family, community, school, social groups, work, etc. I’ve found that by participating and saying ‘yes’ more often than ‘no’ has built my confidence, connected me to my family, friends, and other groups of people more effectively than anything else.

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