TWV Champion Profile: Sven Stuwe

Meet Sven Stuwe, a strong supporter and advocate of Two Wheel View since 2014. Affectionately known as “that tweeter guy”, Sven helps TWV by reposting and providing additional comments and information to further promote it.

Origin: Originally from Montreal, Calgary has been considered home since 1990.

When not at TWV, I can often be found… I haven’t been at TWV wheel regularly, but I am always promoting it on their behalf to whatever sphere of influence that I have. Outside of that I spend time with my son and wife, and do plenty of riding. I am involved with my son’s school and I am an independent contractor with a financial services company called Primerica.

What do you like about volunteering/ being a champion at TWV: I love being connected to TWV because the skills and support that they give to kids while using a bike as their vehicle to do it hits all of the things that I feel are important. An organization like this, for a shy and insecure kid that likes to ride bikes, like I was in my teens, would have been fantastic to participate in. It provides the basic life skills that everyone needs to move on through life.

If someone was considering volunteering at TWV, what would be a few selling points you would give them? From my stand point there are many selling points. The ones that stand out for me that I would highlight are about being a positive influence on kids, working with a terrific group of big hearted community driven people and, of course, BIKES!

Favourite travel destination: I’ve been fortunate to have travelled a lot because my father worked with Air Canada while I was growing up, so I saw a lot of cities and countries. For me though, my favourite travel destination continues to be Germany. I spent many summers there and love the sense of community with small local shops and the walkability of it so that you don’t need a car. I smile just thinking about it.

Who was your role model growing up? There were a lot of famous figures that inspired me but the one person who had the biggest impact on me, and still holds a dear place in my heart, was my grandfather. His integrity, his ability to fix things and make them last, and his comfort with animals and nature were inspiring. He had this way of making anything seem fascinating and he always made it interactive. His way of looking at things, and his curiosity, were contagious. A lot of who I am now is who he was in life. I miss him.

An item I never forget on a bike trip is… A tire repair kit and air pump. Without those, I feel unprepared. Nothing worse than getting a flat tire 20-30km from home and having to figure out how to get back.

TWV should plan a bike trip to… I love Germany but anywhere in Europe would be terrific. There so much history around every corner, plenty to learn, and lots of places to ride your bike.

If a kid walked up asking for your life advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be? I find that people allow themselves to be influenced by too many people in this world. My best tip would be to ignore the people that aren’t helping you feel better about yourself and aren’t helping you accomplish the things that you want to pursue. Those people will just drag you down. Protect who you are and what you want to achieve with your life.

“Common sense is anything but common.” - Voltaire.

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