Meet Mike - Ten Questions

March 17, 2015

In honour of Mike’s birthday today… I’d like to introduce you to our Bike Club Team Leader and Trip Leader!


Name: Mike Zabielski

Job Title at TWV: Bike Club Team Leader, Trip Leader

Favourite Bike: Touring Bike

Favourite Travel Destination: Anywhere!

Favourite thing about TWV: Making a difference for youth and my coworkers

When I’m not at TWV, I can often be found…on my yoga mat or at the Good Life Community Bike Shop

Best Bike Tip: Wear a helmet!

Who was your role model growing up? My teacher Bill Robinson- former CFL player and amazing role model

Best Advice Received: Be patient

TWV should plan a bike trip to… Equador!

Favourite Quote: There is no try. Do or do not. – Bruce Lee

Be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the present. – Jedi Master




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