Meet Our Trip Participants – Jakarta Mackie

TWV Trip you participated in: Norway 2011, Argentina 2012

Favourite memory from my trip(s):

My group had just finished one of our first big days of cycling in the Norwegian mountains, and we had finally made it to a camp site. The camp was at the end of a fjord and was equipped with quaint little cabins and a large lavvu, which is a teepee in Norway. Lavvus have been used by the indigenous people of Norway, the Sami, for hundreds of years and are a symbol of their culture, similarly how teepees are viewed today in Canadian aboriginal culture. In the lavvu, the owner of the camp had made us an exquisite reindeer stew. It was a beautiful meal. We sat in the lavvu with a roaring fire around us while we shared our thoughts on a long day of cycling. After the meal we were able to use the sauna at the camp. The sauna was positioned on the banks of the fjord. It was getting late at night but the midnight sun gave us nothing to fear. Our group decided to be adventurous. We ran from the steaming sauna into the cold ocean waters of the fjord, admiring the mountain views. Afterwards, the group retreated for the evening and the memory of that evening spent in the water has always lived on as one of my favourites.

Greatest thing I learned about myself on my trip:

While on the trip I truly learned that I am capable of achieving whatever I want. Although this may sounds a tad cliché, there is no other way to describe its life changing experience. The trip taught me an amazing self-reliance that continues to change my life through giving me confidence.

Favourite trip meal:

The reindeer stew I had that night was truly one of the best things I have ever tasted. Even though you may be cringing while reading this, reindeer is truly delicious. It tastes quite similar to beef. At first, we were all hesitant about eating our beloved Christmas characters, but after the first bite we were delighted. The stew was superb and was mixed with potatoes, carrots and spices.

Next place I’d like to travel to:

I would love to travel to Indonesia. I am named after the capital city and have always wanted to go.

Since the trip I’ve….

Become more confident in the person I am. Many teenagers grow up filled with doubt that the person they are will not be good enough. In my case, I had brought this feeling upon myself through my own self-doubt and high expectations and goals for my life. The trip taught me to embrace who I am and feel comfortable in my decisions and choices. This has allowed me to conquer my goals for myself and make them a reality.

Favourite thing about TWV:

The people you will meet through joining the TWV community are my favourite part. TWV always brings together an amazing group of people, where you will always make a friend. They always bring together an inspiring and life changing group of people, who can instantly make you feel welcome.

When I’m not taking a trip with TWV, I can often be found…

Enjoying nature. I love nature and spending time taking in the world around me. I love to explore. My love for nature has also fuelled my love for art and on my spare time I love painting, drawing, and attempting to re-create the world around me in new and exciting ways through art.

Best Bike Tip:

Always remember to balance your panniers. Riding unbalanced will lead to terrible an unenjoyable day of wobbling.

Who is your role model?

I admire anyone who pursues what they love. I believe that if you are able to do what you really love, you are truly successful.

Best advice you would give to someone considering a TWV Trip:

Do it! It will change your life. The experience TWV will give you, is one that will always be remembered. Don’t be afraid by the unknown.

TWV should plan a bike trip to…

TWV should plan a trip to France. It would be beautiful to cycle through the French country side.

Favourite Quote:

“Victory belongs to the most persevering”- Napoleon Bonaparte

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