Things our Bike Club Participants say

December 10, 2014


We are well into our second session of Bike Club for the year and our participants always amaze us with the great things they say about our program. I thought I would share some of these great quotes we’ve heard over the years. Enjoy!


Things our Bike Club Participants Say…


“You get to get your hands dirty. Some kids say they want to get dirty, so Bike Club is the best thing for that.”


“What I like about bike club is that everyone in this room is getting a bike and we’re all friends here and we don’t argue and we don’t fight and we have fun while doing it and we do fun stuff like make bikes and fix bikes. So thank you Bike Club.”


“I love Bike Club. I love how we learn about bikes and I’m going to miss you. I might just break my bike so I can come back next year. “


“What I like about Bike Club is how we treat each other like family.”


“We learn about bikes and how to fix them and how to keep safe so you don’t broke your elbow or get brain freeze.”


“Bike Club was awesome! You get to talk… to talk a lot!”


“We get to meet new people, help them. Bike Club is the highlight of the day on Thursdays. Thank you Bike Club.”


“My favourite part of Bike Club was getting to talk with a good friend of mine who I don’t get to see often.”

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