Full Cycle

Program Goal

Reduce risk and remove barriers for at-risk First Nations youth 14-17, through hands-on learning, bike experiences and lessons in leadership and self-esteem.

Intended Outcomes

In partnership with the communities of Morley, Eden Valley and Tsuut’ina, Full Cycle aims to:

  • Deliver in service training and support for teachers and community leaders
  • Facilitate skill building bike experiences that develop a sense of adventure and discovery
  • Develop participants’ social skills, including leadership and self-esteem
  • Promote sustainable, self-supported modes of travel
  • Empower hands-on learning through bike mechanics
  • Build trusting relationships that connect youth with supports as they transition to adulthood

Things we’re learning

  • With the program embedded within the community school spaces, it encourages youth participants to attend school and to engage in healthy activities that build community and enhance youth resiliency.
  • Through bike trip experiences, youth have the opportunity to travel in a way that is sustainable, self supported and provides connection with the natural world.
  • For many youth, the relationships they build during the program last well beyond graduation, creating a sense of belonging and increasing access to community resources.
Impact Stories
My Story in GAP

May 11, 2023

I started GAP in late February and in the beginning of the program I was very shy and didn’t talk very much but with each week and getting to know the staff, my confidence grew more and more with each day of GAP.

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Program Impact


of Full Cycle participants feel they made new friends


of participants feel better about themselves


of participants want to try more new things

I'm so grateful for the GEM program and the safer space it creates for gender expansive folx. Instead of entering the shop and finding gender dysphoria, I found a sense of familiarity and comfort in working with my hands and the euphoria of being able to do it as my authentic self.

GEM Participant

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