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Employability Program 

The GAP Employability Program engages young adults ages 18-24 in a hands on mechanics and employment skills training. This program consists of 90 hours of in shop training and a 60 hour practicum with a local business. This program includes educational partnerships with Momentum and Youth Employment Centre, as well as site visits to local bike shops. 

This program runs on a referral basis and is supported by the City of Calgary Crime Prevention Investments Program. 

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"The program has been fantastic, fun and very informative. Would recommend it to anyone" - GAP Participant

"I truly value your program - life changing. The way your staff engage with these youth and other participants is amazing. Welcoming, purposeful, engaging and skills-based." - GAP Program organizational Partner

Stats from our 2019 Pilot Program

  • 100% of participants felt they learned new communication skills through their participation in the program (Protective Factor: Employment potential)

  • 93% of participants felt that through the program they learned how to fix a bike (Protective Factor: High self-efficacy)

  • 83% of participants indicated they would feel more confident going to an interview because of the program (Protective Factor: Employment potential)

  • 100% of participants felt that the program taught them about community resources available to them (Protective Factor: Accessibility to a continuum of services)

  • 92% of participants felt less nervous about their first day at a new job because of the program (Protective Factor: Employment potential)

  • 77% of participants felt that they made positive friends while in the program (Protective Factor: Positive peer influences)

  • 75% of participants who entered the program with less confidence in their ability to solve problems increased their confidence after participating in the program (Protective Factor: Employment potential)

  • 75% of participants who entered the program with lower optimism about the future, increased their feelings of optimism about the future after participation in the program. (Protective Factor: Optimism and positive expectations for the future.

Thanks to Constellation Consulting in Calgary for their work on our program evaluations and analysis and to the Crime Prevention Investments Program at the City of Calgary for their support of this program.

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