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Our Impact

Why Two Wheel View? 
Our Demonstrated Positive Impact

Two Wheel View’s youth programming aims to impact young people in three key outcome areas:

  1. Social Outcomes which include positive changes in healthy relationships (with peers and adults), self-esteem and self-confidence, self-efficacy and the desire to try new things, problem-solving abilities, school connectedness, and leadership attributes.  

  2. Cultural Outcomes which include increased exploration of perspectives on cultural identity and cultural belonging, increased connection to traditional lands, and increased connection to community.

  3. Environmental Outcomes which include positive changes in environmental awareness and the desire to pursue environmentally sustainable activities.



Program outcomes also include the development of practical bike mechanic skills that enable youth to fix their own bikes and approach mechanical problems with a sense of self-efficacy, as well as outcomes related to healthy living (e.g. increased physical activity).


Positive changes in Resiliency

Our positive impact on resiliency means that after participating in our programming Two Wheel View participants are better equipped to draw upon their strengths when faced with challenges and move forward in the world as mentally and physically healthy citizens.

When funders and investors support Two Wheel View, they can be confident in our ability to create positive social impact that has ripple effects throughout our communities.  Our commitment to ongoing impact assessment not only provides consistent accountability, but enables us to continuously improve our programming to create the most meaningful and impactful experience for our participants.

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