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Joining the Earn-a-Bike Program

Youth ages 11-17 are invited to join our 8-week bike mechanics and leadership program.

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Hosting a Program

We are looking for community partners to help us create successful programs for youth. Do you have a space where we could hold a program? Know of a youth or a group who would benefit from participating in Earn-a-Bike? Contact our program coordinator to find out more.

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Program Quality and Results

In order to provide the most effective Earn-a-Bike programs for our participants, we collect feedback in the form of surveys, quotes and anecdotes.

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Sponsor an Earn-a-Bike Program

Earn-a-Bike requires important resources such as tools for fixing bikes, helmets and locks to keep the youth and their bikes safe and donations for facilitation and program space. For more information about becoming a supporter:
click here/

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Quote from a participant

“Earn-a-Bike is the best part of my week because I get to work with tools, get my hands dirty and hang out with my friends.”

Earn-A-Bike "Bike Club"


The Earn-a-Bike program uses the bike as a tool to develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as bike mechanic capabilities in youth ages 11-17. Each week participants come to program where they receive a healthy snack, play games and discuss the daily lessons in both character (community, leadership, self-esteem) and bike mechanics (fixing a tire, gear adjustments, chains, brakes etc). They have the opportunity to use tools and disassemble and reassemble bikes every week.


In Bike Club youth:


For many of our participants, this is the only way they can afford to get a bike. More than just a toy, these bikes are helping our youth get to school, to part-time jobs or to other after school activities as well as keeping them physically active. Our program builds confidence and teaches them life-long skills in a safe, encouraging and hands-on learning environment. They also have the opportunity to connect with positive adult mentors who provide guidance, friendship and support during the program.


Our program is designed and delivered with social-emotional learning and SAFE concepts in mind. We are intentional about our programming and ensure that the youth receive a high quality program that is sequenced, active, focused and explicit.


Bike Club in 2016/2017


Our schedule for the upcoming 2016/2017 year is below. Programs are listed as ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Open programs are available to anyone within the age span. Closed programs are open to participants who attend that school. To register please contact the partner that is hosting the program.


8 Week Earn-a-Bike Programs:



Session A September – November

Session B November – January

Session C January – March

Session D

April - June


Our Lady of Assumption School

Dr. Martha Cohen School

Awo Taan Program

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society


Southwood Library (OPEN)

Our Lady of the Evergreens School

Cecil Swanson School

Ernest Morrow School


St. Helena School

Southwood Leisure Centre (OPEN)

Village Square Library (OPEN)

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School


Bishop Kidd High School

Sir Winston Aquatic Centre (OPEN)

Louis Riel School

Nelson Madela School


* Indicates open programs


Beltline Bike Club


Our Beltline Bike Club happens every week on Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. from September – June. Starting Thursday, September 29, 2016, youth learn about bike mechanic skills, build their own bike throughout the year, partake in community engagement projects and go on bike rides. The Bike Club program builds confidence and teaches youth life-long skills in a safe, encouraging and hands-on learning environment.

The program is offered to youth (ages 15 – 17) living downtown or in any of the following areas: Victoria Park, Connaught, Sunalta, Cliff Bungalow & Mission. To register please contact m.hardy@twowheelview.org or visit Boys and Girls Beltline Open House on September 20, 2016 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


Host a Bike Club

Does your school, leisure centre or library want to host a bike club? Contact Madeleine at m.hardy@twowheelview.org



Calgary AfterSchoolEarn-a-Bike is a program that is growing yearly with requests from organizations and individuals to bring us to their community. Two Wheel View recognizes the need and desire to have Earn-a-Bike in many more communities in Calgary. We are excited to offer many more young Calgarians the opportunity to build community, sense of self, resiliency and life skills while they connect with their environment through their participation in the Earn-a-Bike program.




Bike Club / Earn-a-Bike


Contact us for information about current locations and information on setting up an Earn-a-Bike program in your school or community.


Registration Form download


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Two Wheel View / Trips for Kids - Calgary is a recognized affiliate of Trips for Kids®, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in San Rafael, California. Trips for Kids was founded in 1988 and now operates in around 75 locations throughout the United States and several international locations. As an affiliate, we embrace Trip for Kids’ mission: to provide transformative cycling experiences for under served youth.